Why Become a JD? That is probably a question you will ask yourself before you join so here are some of the many benefits that your JD membership can offer you.
We encourage our group members to have a monthly meeting at a local pub or restaurant (might as well make it a social event) where they can join in with ideas for a monthly social agenda e.g.

  • Monthly Sunday lunches.
  • Monthly coffee mornings are a great time to chat!
  • Theatre visits or visiting Places of historic interest or Natural Beauty are always popular.
  • Meeting up for walks for those who like to keep fit.
  • Holidays are fantastic whether that is in the UK, abroad, cruising or adventure holidays for the discerning traveller, it’s up to you. We think of holidays as meeting new friends, sharing and being part of the wider JD Community.
  • JD News Letters show you what some of our groups get up to, we chat about different topics and ask if you would like to give us your thoughts on any subject.
  • Our JD Deals make sure you save on everyday necessities, holidays and so much more!

When you become a JD there will always be someone to chat to whether that’s with other members in your group, our JD Community pages or on our JD closed fb page and you can chat about anything!

The best advice we can give our members is to keep up the momentum of meeting up, keep in contact and of course care for one another.

Join us and become part of the JD Team!