"It feels so good to live again"

I'm new to this group. I recently joined because I really enjoy communication with the JD’s….helps enormously at times. …is so important. Especially at first when you are feeling vulnerable. Life overcomes, it feels so good to live a ...

Jacqui Wales JDs

"Socialising again"

It was a real lifeline in getting back to socialising with likeminded people. A brilliant idea.

Andrea Bristol JDs

"A debt of gratitude"

There are many women out there, past and present Jolly Dollies, that owe The Jolly Dollies a debt of gratitude.

Mandy Gloucestershire JDs

"So much good"

So much good has come out of setting up The Jolly Dollies, it has helped myself and all the ladies in our group.

Doreen Berkshire JDs

"A reason to carry on"

The Jolly Dollies is something special that has helped many widows find a reason to carry on and make some wonderful friends,

Jean Surrey JDs

"A marvellous idea"

It was a marvellous idea to start the Jolly Dollies and I don't know how I would have survived the past years without finding and joining the Jolly Dollies.

Kate Leicester JDs

"A unique social network"

The Jolly Dollies are a unique social network which has been of great benefit to many widows.

Pat London JDs

"An amazing support"

The Jolly Dollies is an amazing legacy of support, kindness and the realisation that as widows we are not on our own. A simple idea really to put people in touch with each other. Thanks to the JDs I have met some beautiful people and made ...

Margaret Gloucestershire JDs

"My hour of need"

The Jolly Dollies came into my life in my hour of need and thanks to them I have made lifelong friends and regained a social life.

Molly Somerset JDs

"Gave me a sense of purpose"

The Jolly Dollies is a forum for bereaved widows where there was little support offered. From my own experience, it was following a period of intense bereavement counselling when I initially joined many years ago. There was no other forma ...

Shona Dundee JDs

"It has helped us move on"

The Jolly Dollies has given us the chance to meet new friends where we can support each other through the most difficult period of our lives. It has helped us move on.

Margaret & Sandra North Somerset JDs

"A wonderful group!"

A wonderful group of women, the friendship of a lot of widows who, without The Jolly Dollies would have been struggling.

Rhoda Devon JDs

"Whole set of new friends"

Without the JD Social Network I would have never have met some of my best friends that I have ever had the privilege of meeting. A big thankyou for showing myself and thousands of other Jolly Dollies that we can smile, laugh, have fun, make ...

Lavinia Somerset JDs

"It’s a big step to join!"

One I haven't regretted for a minute since my husband died in 2014. None of us want to be in this exclusive club but to be with ladies who totally understand, if you want to cry, cry, if you want to laugh, laugh, you are not judged at all. ...

Christine West Sussex & Devon JDs