How do I find my local group?
Go to ‘Find Members’ on the Home page, this will give you an idea of how many JD members are in your area.  Once you are a JD member you will have access to our ‘Community pages’ where you will be able to find members across the UK.


What if there is not a Jolly Dollies group in my area?
Once you become a member and with our help and support perhaps you could start a JD Group in your area, you would be helping widows and making some great friends! If you feel you wouldn’t want to start a Group then that’s perfectly OK, we will put you in touch with the JD Coordinator and members nearest to you.


What is a JD Coordinator?
Any member can be a JD Coordinator, they are a massive part of the JD Team and give their time and energy to making new members feel welcomed, bring our groups together and organise the occasional JD event. We are always looking for ways to show them our appreciation.


How often does my local Jolly Dollies group meet?
Each Group is different but we ask that groups hold a monthly meeting with an agenda of social events where you will be able to put forward your own ideas. It is so important to keep in contact with one another and meet regularly.


Do I have to pay to attend a Jolly Dollies meeting?
We have an annual recurring membership fee of £10, other than this you will have to pay for any organised social events that you attend.


Why is there an annual Jolly Dollies membership fee?
The annual membership fee is set against such things as maintaining and improving our website. As with all organisations there is also the obvious administration and running costs involved and because of the sensitivity and vulnerability of our members our website has to be securely regulated and hosted.
We have kept our annual membership fee very low to guarantee that it is not a barrier for any widow wanting to become a member. We would want to ensure that widows everywhere can enjoy the camaraderie, friendship and understanding of being part of our Groups. Going forward we would wish to keep improving the Jolly Dollies experience and the service we offer our members.
How can I cancel my Jolly Dollies membership?
To cancel your Jolly Dollies membership simply go to your PayPal or GoCardless account then select ‘Profile and Settings’ and Cancel your JD Profile. ( Sorry we cannot do this for you) You can of course stay a JD member until the date your membership ceases. Go to our Terms & Conditions for more information.


What does my Jolly Dollies annual membership entitle me to?
Every JD member is entitled to have access to our JD Community pages where they can:
  • Chat on our forum.
  • Post your JD Photos.
  • Access our JD Events page where Local and National group events are posted. As a JD member you can attend any JD event.
  • Receive regular Newsletters so that all members can keep up to date with what our members get up to!
  • Access our ‘Find Members’ page where there is a list of JD Groups, the names, email addresses and the locations of our members.
  • Join our Facebook ‘Closed Chat Group’.
  • Online shopping discounts for over 1200 retailers Plus some extra Special discounts chosen by us.

As a new member we will contact you via email with details of members in your area. You will be able to contact one another and make some great new friends.

What are the retail discounts?
We have a partnership with Fizz Benefits who are a leading discounts and cashback site. Fizz gives you the ability to save money on your everyday shopping.


Do I have to become a Jolly Dollies member to join the group?
Yes, this is for everyone’s security and safety but it is very easy to join and there are so many benefits to becoming a Jolly Dolly.


Can I transfer my membership to a different Jolly Dollies group?
Yes, one of the many benefits of being a member is that you can join or visit any group whether that is for the occasional event or permanently, it’s up to you.  If you are visiting another location you can take a look at the ‘Find Members’ page and contact the JD Coordinator and members in the area you are visiting.


Will The Jolly Dollies in my group be trained advisers?
No, The Jolly Dollies groups are run by widows just like you, so there is no formal training or advice. Once you are a member you become part of a social network that allows women in the same situation to come together and support each other.


What are the ‘Objectives’ of The Jolly Dollies Social Network for Widows?
Our main objective is to help widows regain a social life through friendship and social events. Our aim is to connect widows locally and nationally so that The Jolly Dollies network can reach all those widows who want and deserve to have a full, happy and supportive social life.