Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Objectives and criteria for joining The Jolly Dollies Social Network for Widows?

Our main objective is to help widows regain a social life through friendship, support and social events. Our aim is to connect widows locally and nationally so that The Jolly Dollies network can reach all those widows who want and deserve to have a full, happy and supportive social life with those that understand. The criteria is that you are a widow.

What happens after I have registered and paid the subscription?

You will receive a automatic Welcome email, this will give you general information about The Jolly Dollies. During the registration phase you will have chosen a preferred group. You will have access to the website member area but will not have received a Group confirmation email. The Administration team will approve your registration and you will then receive a Group confirmation, New Member email. This will give you details of your group and your Coordinator. It will also guide you on what to do next. You will also receive a Welcome to The Jolly Dollies pack in the post which will consist of a badge and wrist band and some posters.

What is the point of the badge?

This is so that you can recognise other members when walk into a meeting and its cute! This is new so will take time for it to role out to the previous JDs.

Do I have to become a JD member to join a group?

Yes, this is for everyone’s security and safety.

How do I find my local JD group?

Go to ‘Find Members’. Pre joining The Jolly Dollies you will only be able to see where the groups are on the map and the areas that the group covers. We will also give you details about how many members there are in the group also the city, town and village in which the members live. You will have no other access unless you join then you will get full access.

How do we choose a JD group?

When you join the JDs you will be asked to choose a preferred group. We will then confirm your choice and approve your registration.

Can I be in more than one JD group or change groups?

Yes, if the group has space you can be a member of other groups. It might make sense if you live between groups or visit another area more regularly.

Can I contact other JD groups?

One of the many benefits of being a member is that you have access to all of our JD groups nationwide, whether it is for the occasional event or permanently, it’s up to you, as long as the Administration team know. If you are visiting other areas in the UK take a look at ‘Find Members’ and contact the Coordinator or members of that group in the area and arrange to meet for a coffee or something.

What if there is no JD group in my area?

We will put you in touch with the nearest group to your postal address. If this is too far for you to travel we can help you start a new group in your area. We also have a lovely active Facebook page, a travel club where we currently have a number of oversees holidays, cruises and staycations where you can meet other JDs in the UK.

How often do the JD groups meet up?

Each group is different, depending on the Coordinator or the group. It is so important to keep in contact with one another and meet regularly. In your Welcome pack you will be sent a very discreet Jolly Dollies badge that will make life easier for you to be recognised when you meet for the first time.

Are there trained advisors within The Jolly Dollies?

No, The Jolly Dollies are run by widows just like you, so there is no formal training or advice. Once you are a member you become part of a social network that allows women in the same situation to come together and support each other.

What is a JD Coordinator?

Any member can be a JD Coordinator. They are a massive part of the JD team, they are volunteers and give their time and energy to making new members feel welcome, bring our groups together and organise the JD group events. We are always looking for ways to show them our appreciation.

How do I become a JD Coordinator?

If there is no Coordinator for the group and you feel that this is something that you would like to be involved with please contact the Administrative team and they will guide you. If there is a Coordinator in your group I am sure that they would like someone to help. There can be as many Coordinators in a group as you like. We also have a lovely Coordinators badge.

Do I have to pay to join The Jolly Dollies?

Yes, we have an annual subscription fee.

Why is there a subscription fee for the Jolly Dollies

The annual fee is set against such things as maintaining and improving our website which is always being updated so that it is usable and accessible to all of our members. We have members of staff that keep the wheels of The Jolly Dollies turning. We have a Travel club which organises overseas holidays, cruises and staycations. We have a retail discounts provider, which can save on your everyday shopping. The welcome pack includes a badge, posters and other products. We have kept the subscription low to guarantee that it is not a barrier for any widow wanting to become a member. We want to ensure that widows everywhere can enjoy the camaraderie, friendship and understanding of being part of our groups. Going forward we want to be able to offer more services and experiences to our members.

How do I pay if I have registered and my payment details change or I have cancelled my subscription?

Please contact the Admin team and they can send you a link for payments.

How can I leave The Jolly Dollies?

To cancel your Jolly Dollies subscription go to your payment provider which is either PayPal or GoCardless and cancel your JD Profile. You will remain a JD member until your subscription runs out unless you tell us otherwise. We will then remove you from the database, Facebook and inform the Coordinator or group.

What is a retail discounts provider?

We have a partnership with Fizz Benefits, Fizz offers a range of cashback, discounts, store cards and vouchers and are dedicated to helping people save money every day whether it be on clothes, food, energy and insurance. This is a service that is provided by us for you. Fizz gives you the ability to save money on your everyday shopping.

Who organises the Travel Club?

Our Holidays are organised by a specialist company that specialises in ‘single occupancy’ group travel.